May-June 2018 Featuring "Floral Expressions" by Canadian artist Kathy Poitras


"Kathy is an amazing artist. Her paintings incorporate beading and embroidery and her works are full of brilliant colours and a joyful energy. This beautiful print hangs in my living room and makes me smile whenever I look at it." KB 

"I am very happy to say that I own several pieces of Kathy's art. From the very first time I saw her pieces, I loved them, the colours and her style. They always are to me a representation of Kathy herself and the cheerful lovely woman she is. I appreciate being able to have them to look at and experience whenever I like!"CB

"you have me on 2 counts for those, you and Pam. I am the proud owner of paintings by both of you, and did get cards from you to send to my friends, who absolutely loved them, some got framed also." DL

“I find your style whimsical, yet it has a strength that is projected in your strong use of color. There is an innocence that comes across, and I think this is a reflection of your true nature. I also find there is an excitement that is perhaps due to the raw untrained techniques you have created without the supervision of others. This makes your art a unique expression which comes from the heart. 
The hand embroidered work is world class and I love the way it can translate as a painting or as textile art” SM